a little less than the girl next door (in_transit) wrote,
a little less than the girl next door

hard truths for roy ngerng

just a stream-of-consciousness response to all that roy ngerng saga up till today, which i have nowhere to put but here:

his apology does indeed reek of insincerity, and frankly i'm quite disgusted with his antics upon and after receiving the lawyer's letters. if he never meant it, then don't apologise and just go to court with the facts. don't come and passive aggressive, send e-mails to international media and look so spineless and stupid.

i've been reading his blog for a couple of years now, ever since i chanced on it while researching sg's income gap vs hk's. at first i thought his writings were some food for thought, so i added it to my rss feed.

but then his posts began to get (imo) increasingly extreme, even bordering on maniacal sometimes...every other day repeating much the same points in very one-sided arguments with mountains of graphs and charts, some of them from his own estimations (i remember him writing so himself). on his blog, anything and everything seems to be part of the pap's grand treacherous scheme. for those reasons, i can't help but find his credibility highly suspect.

and much as i'm not fond of "calibrated coercion", if someone so publicly posted up charts and graphs accusing me of misappropriating a huge sum of money, i'd also sue them and demand they pay my costs; and s$5,000 wouldn't be enough for me either --> how much of my earnings might be affected if my bosses or would-be employers found those articles online, read them and believed them? not to mention damage to my reputation, mental health, etc. lol.

though for the pm's case, i think the reasoning behind why s$5,000 is too little would probably be that the compensation should hurt ngerng enough for him to think twice about posting such allegations in future if they cannot stand up to scrutiny. so far, ngerng has appeared defiant, so i guess he'll only be asked to Pay And Pay even more. more for him to whinge about in future blog posts.


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