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my fave class!

this is my german class. they're a bunch of really nice people and a pretty good mix. :)

second row, from the left: gerald, soon lai, idahyu, joseph, jingwei, han mao, wiardi, wanrong, spencer, gene, wenjie, lu hong.
first row, from the left: alice chia, fazlinah, priscilla, chu'ai, me, joanne, jiang shu, jess, joy, alice ooi, angela.
smack in the middle of it all: herr kim.

(missing in action: nelson, clara, loo sun.)

these are my project mates. naturally, they're also very nice. fazlinah plays floorball, idahyu's from vj too, alice reminds me of my sis, joanne reminds me alot of ailing, and i think they're all very cute. :>

from the left: alice, fazlinah, idahyu, joanne, me.

this is our entire class' project website. i don't suppose the content itself is very interesting, but it's the people who make it interesting. we've even got our voices recorded!

pity rushing my eu essay on tuesday night (wednesday morning, rather), i woke so late the next day that i missed my last german tutorial. or i'd have more pics to put up; and this time with annika my wonderfully-inspiring tutor too! oh well, too bad.

oops... i just realised that i made that herr kim picture look like an yi2 zhao4. so horrible hor. heehee.

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