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02 October 2014 @ 04:07 am

my thoughts for the day.

actually these hong kong students carrying the occupy central movement? they're exactly the gen x and post-90s kids that companies and bosses have been complaining about these past years.

in that they're "soft" and "lazy" and "irresponsible" and "apathetic" and all that jazz until you make them feel like they have a larger purpose in life, like they're on a noble, sacred mission to change the world -- then they'll gladly go through hell and high water and give up all their daily comforts to stand in the sun and rain day and night and pick up rubbish and shield policemen with their umbrellas for you. causes drive them.

i have my views -- both pro-establishment and pro-democracy ones; i've had my observations from these past few days of excitement -- of the police, the students, the two extremely, disturbingly split sides of society here (my experience this past week is that neither side can accept any discussion at all about how the other side's argument might not be all wrong). but who am i to judge what's a good cause, what's not, and who's more right than wrong?

what really matters now is how to move on from here. and i really can't quite see how.

the one thing the government did most right this week was to get the police to stand down and stop the tear gas and pepper spray. and i applaud the protesters' orderliness and consideration and good pr strategies so far.