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nobody else could have done this in me but for You

i get angry all over again when i think about it. sure, we've both improved along the years... but sometimes i just feel like you need someone to give you one hard kick in the ass. possibly that could be exactly what's necessary to get me outta bed, but don't think you don't need one too. i can't stand it. i wanna slam the door, throw the keys on the floor, stamp my feet all around the house and scream and shout. i don't care if that's exactly what i did this morning. your long-term motive is to bao4 all my xie3 guan3s, isn't it?

since the worst thing to do in anger is to dig up the past and start harping on it, i shan't do it. i won't mention that a long time ago, you had the nerve to kick my cat. the nerve! to kick! my cat! you dared! i hate the memory!!! how dared you do that to him??!?!! (before eager arsonists flame me, consider ironic humour...)


in your anger, do not sin. do not let the sun go down while you are still angry.

surely writing this in my lj can't make it a sin? i certainly hope not... this has become my only outlet; i'd kick up an even bigger fuss otherwise. but the sun has long since gone down. and i'm still angry despite having spent the entire day out. because it's just so hard not to be, right now.

these aside, i made the mistake of thinking i could do stuff alone. how wrong am i. i need so much more than myself. no, actually, just Someone more. but really, i should learn to look past all that (not to the extent of not trying, though). after all, i guess, that's not what i'm here on earth for, anyway. :)

i'm tired of being angry. i give up. thanks for the timely reminder. now i'm drained for having spent my day harbouring the grudge. goodnight, and thank You so much for You. :)

ps: i really wanna do You proud, You know? besides, i've always been daddy's girl! :)

pps: the magic of relinquishing control and seeing that my strength alone is grossly insufficient, is really more than i ever expected.

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