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i'm crashing like a tidal wave and i don't wanna be...

i think the last couple of days are really always the very worst. i think i've hit an all-time low(est). congrats, mag, you, lazy dreamy hungry and sleepy turkey... and my family's bent on ill-treating me. my sister just finished the very last of the (dish of) chicken, and there's nothing left but veggie and rice for me. and the whole world knows i'm a carnivore!!! and why's there nothing left but veggie and rice for me? because yati didn't take my food for me 'tho i specifically asked her to earlier! so basically i've been sitting here for the past hour, waiting for my food to appear magically, but it doesn't, and i find out that it's all gone into my sister's stomach instead. this is so sad. i'm gonna die of stress and starvation in a while. oh well. goodbye world.

and i haven't had so much as a glimpse of his awe-inspiring shoulders for what seems like a thousand years. yet he continues to flood my thoughts, engulf my mind. because if he doesn't, i'd hafta come right down to earth, back to reality, to the dreadful dreary memorisation of facts and points... who and who's to blame, the whys and hows of this and that... the depressing low-down of human nature, the seemingly inevitable repetition of mistakes leading to that vicious cycle of conflicts... but mostly, to the looming possibility of a dismal grade, in return for all that melancholy this knowledge has founded me. great.

and remember, i still can't swim. it's getting to become a bigger issue, now that all imagery is about drowning, flooding, crashing like tidal waves, leaving me stranded etc. this is supposed to be your forte, surely you wouldn't let me...

i know i'm being such a dumb ass...

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