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guidelines. not rules, not the law...

hello-wello my bloggy-woggy kitty-maomao... (oops, i've combined guybrush and my lj...)

for the past two-and-a-half days, i've not so much as touched this computer at home... because life's too exciting and full of promise and hope to spend all my time in virtual reality! :)

yesterday, rina, senny and i caught lost in time at suntec, and then duplex at lido. we just had to get down to town, 'cos town, and especially orchard, is "where all the happening things are"!

both movies were fine and good and ok, in my opinion. as i remember what zhenhao said some millions of years ago, usually after you (he) watches a movie, you'll (he'll) think that it was actually ok. so very seldom is a movie ever bad enough to induce a "lousy" from him. hm, looks like we'll never make it as movie critics. but i do know which the "really good" ones are, and which, those no-brainers; just that i still find them rather entertaining, usually. :>

lost in time made me cry, sadly. the little japanese-looking boy was so cute, i found out that he's really japanese... too jap to look hongkie at all, i think! and i thought duplex was quite quite funny, especially the little twist at the end. but senny didn't like it... 'tho she was the one who insisted on it in the first place, all for ben stiller, hunky monkey.

there're just so many things i wanna get done! but i don't think i'll get 'round to many of them before i leave on monday morning. like running. oh well. i shall repaint my toenails, maybe orange and yellow again, if the polish hasn't already dried up. and trim my eyebrows. and my hair, if i dare. but right now, i need to get myself showered. oh yeah, and scrub my precious soles smooth tomorrow! ('cos i haven't the time today)

and i gotta pack my stuff tonight. i'm sharing a luggage with my sis. shucks... not a good idea... hey, and i wanted to say that i endeavour to finish my wheel of time book ten, re-read as many james herriots as i can, start on one flew over the cuckoo's nest and the clockwork orange, and get the world of robert jordan and this collection of roald dahl's short adult stories... all in this holidays.

of course, i may be too ambitious, but who cares? do you let the fear of being too ambitious stop you from planning a study schedule? and coming up with resolutions for the new year/term/semester/whatever? well, if you do, that's too bad, 'cos i don't. they're only guidelines anyway. no guilt!

goodbye for now!


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