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such a let-down, me

hey peeps -- friends, acquaintances, voyeurs, journal and all... yeah, i'm back. been back since saturday evening, really. sorry for not updating, not commenting, not replying and all... i'll get down to all that eventually... eventually. but right now, lemme get back to singapore mode, try and get everything in order and stuff. and then i might give an account of my holiday, and maybe the happenings of this week too. by the way, there was actually internet access in our hotel room, but the computer sucked, and we (my sister and i) eventually sorta crashed it anyway. sheesh.

you know, right now, i kinda feel like my life's a whole bloody game of snakes and ladders. and apparently i'm not as great at dice as mat, the love of my life (ok, not really, but one of the second loves-of-my-life). but is it even dice which control all these? i know it isn't. there's so much to say, so much to apologise for, but the words don't belong here. elsewhere.

You're the one I live to pursue

i really, desperately wanna live this out. not anything else, anyone else.

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