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14 October 2017 @ 03:04 am
today this suaku tried mobike for the first time ever  
today i tried bike-sharing (mobike) for the first time in my life and rediscovered the wonders of singapore's park connectors and everything was simply awesome, including the fact that the ride was totally free (for the whole month of october)! even if it weren't free, it would have been just 50 cents an hour -- such a vast difference from the price they charge at those bike rental shops at east coast park, where you pay, like, $8-$12 per hour and still have to hurriedly cycle back to return the bikes in time and still put up with the cocky attitudes of their staff.

basically plenty of things were really cool about my bike-sharing experience today, starting with the fact that we cycled from home to ecp and then back home, no need to even waste money on any other transport, so fang bian! the way there, we used the bedok park connector, and returned via the siglap pcn; cycled for about 3 hours and a distance of about 35km, according to the app. that's actually quite slow, but that's cos i was made to go slow and also get off and wheel every time we came to a traffic light or overhead bridge, kkml. and also, both park connectors had a section that was closed for construction (especially the bedok one!), so going there, we had to go through stretches and stretches of other people's houses and agar-agar anyhow cycle until we reached bedok south avenue 3 (very near church!) and then anyhow again until we started recognising some bedok army camp that eventually led to east coast park.

then we went on until we reached the lagoon hawker centre and then stuffed myself silly (thereby consuming far more calories than i had spent) before taking the siglap park connector home. the siglap pcn was a far smoother ride and we reached home in exactly half the time we took to get to ecp! but a section was also closed, so we had to do a big round around vj, where i got to take a quick peek into what the school looks like now and mused in my head about how we used to have tutorials in the "container block" and also how we would roll out of class from the back and sneak out of school through the rubbish dump. we were always terrified of getting caught by mr seet or whoever else, and came up with these really ridiculous plans like diving into the dumpsters if he appeared and then popping up holding some half-eaten chicken drumstick we found inside and claiming that we were just having lunch.

the only downside apart from the blocked-up parts of the park connectors was that we couldn't figure out how to switch on the bikes' headlamps at night. they're supposed to be solar-powered, according to the internet, but when we rode, the lamps didn't come on -- anyone know the answer, please tell me hor... i'm sure there's some really simple solution to this and i'll feel damn kkml for not having realised earlier. (just like the time when i moved house and plugged the tv in to the power socket and expected to be able to watch programmes without plugging in the cable. and also the time when i tried to make the washing machine work without switching on the water supply.)

all in all, a very enjoyable and convenient ride, and they've also addressed the anyhow-parking problem by marking out parking spots from place to place; no wonder those bike rental shops are going bust thanks to these bike-sharing businesses. coupled with our park connectors, it's little wonder so many people are using these bikes these days - for leisure as well as just to get out of their housing estates to the nearest bus stop/mrt stations etc. it's actually quite amusing to see some bikes parked outside people's houses; reminds me of colin, hehe. and now that i know the way, i intend to go farther the next time (35km is too little and i am still so fat, so sad) - either to gardens by the bay and back, or the other way to around the changi airport area. oh and by the way, the two mrt stations nearest my place opens next week and apparently it's free mrt rides on the new line next weekend. oh, air-conditioned nation, just what shall i do with you?!