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gan3 chu4... what do you call that in english?

yep... this was the song that mrs. choo sang for us over at her house last night...... perhaps, i think, i might be seeing the view over at her side a little clearer now... and she's finally managed to knock a little something into this thick head of mine for once too......

as i tried to tell rina, all this is gonna be really hard to explain... to lay out like that for others to see, to understand... you gotta have been there yourself... heard what she said, seen what we saw, absorbed the atmosphere of it all... i don't know...... is that why she chose family, ultimately, over all that she could have achieved, all that she could have been? i can only guess. don't we all know? she studied in rg, no doubt did well enough for rj but chose vj instead, topped vj, went on to a s'pore U instead of one abroad when she could have, finished her studies a year earlier than the rest of her batch no doubt due to her brilliance and diligence -- she could have been so much, she became a teacher instead... to light our paths, to guide our way? (not that teaching's a lousy job lah!) then, instead of hoping to scale greater heights in the education career, as most of her calibre might have done, she went and got married to this similarly great guy with a great family; and there, she's got everything in place... her life, her priorities, the small stuff etc. and she sits us all 'round her in her living room this christmas, and tells us the most important decision she made with her life, and urges us to do the same, to find a direction......

i'm undoubtedly amazed, and delighted, yet envious, yet sorta guilty, to find such a person... unswayed, refusing to be sucked into a world of cynicism, places where politics are rife, and disbelief rules, and she continually encourages those around her... you feel glad she's so blessed, she deserves to be, having given her life to the Lord... two great people, two great families, join as one. somewhere at the back of my mind, cynical logic tells me, all this may well be a facade -- and of course, it may well be. but this time i choose to believe not. this had truly been a heartwarming, unforgettable experience... and i am truly envious, perhaps somehow, all these seem, for me, unreachable......

nevertheless, i'm glad she chose what she did. 'cos had she not, we'd never have known -- such seeming perfection. thanks... for entering my life, even if for a transient moment.

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