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i'm a pfg ==> perpetual food guzzler

i originally wanted to say, "to update on what i've been up to since i got back, i shall let the pictures do the talking..." but then i realised that the pictures don't really tell what i've really been up to... i mean, do they show eq, xl, yn, zq and me lying on sentosa sand under the (inexistent?) sun? do they show us laughing and screaming splashing water on each other in the water etc. etc.? and the barbeque pictures don't even show a single barbeque pit, or all those nice chicken wings i barbequed... not really huh. rather, it's just us posing and posing (for pictures). that is, i think my expression in every picture is the same. or da4 tong2 xiao3 yi4 (wonderful chinese!). nevertheless, i shall still let the pictures do the talking...... :)

and of course i've been up to much more than just tanning and barbequeing... but then, who brings a digicam with her everywhere she goes? and besides, how do i take myself perpetually guzzling food over at rina's house, and simply sitting in a dark dark theater, and snoring away twenty hours a day, and slouching at the com, icq-ing with you-know-who? and in case you were wondering... yes, that's my idea of "much more"!

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