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hongkong 2003

okay, so this is the legendary place where ekin cheng fought it out with some bad guy in zhong1 hua2 ying1 xiong2; where lightning struck the... that stick-like object poking out, when he saved the world from eternal damnation... (and also where kuang tianyou also saved the world from being overrun by vampires; during which, lightning also struck that thing.)

and this is my everlasting obsession. while attempting to take the tsim sha tsui police station, we were almost arrested as terrorists. so i demanded for zhou-sir to come and help us "ping2 ping2 li3". and that's when they threw us out. and then i commissioned my sister to trail these two policemen so we could snap a coupla pics of them. they were the shuai-est we could find.

and then we ate hongkong dimsum for breakfast almost everyday. i can't say i totally enjoyed it, but my family obviously did. so i sulked and got ignored. and while my sister spent plenty of time raving over liu qingyun and plotting to trick us into rewatching "lost in time" in cantonese, i immersed myself in buying super-cheap vcds and plenty of zhang jiahuis... after which, i discovered he got married and left hongkong for his honeymoon while i was still doing all that. :~<

these are the old flats where i imagine zhou-sir often runs around, jumping out of windows, climbing up those old rusty pipes, in his commendable zeal to rid hongkong of crime and triads. (also where sam-ge, sha-qiang and tony leung, whatever-his-name, often conduct their shady deals.) and these are the boats used to row in illegal immigrants and drugs in the dark of the night. a very close-up of the picture actually caught a couple making out in the background. no mistruth! and the last picture's a really nice piece of art done behind a power box (?) in front of a pedestrian crossing somewhere.

and of course, lots more happened, and i've still plenty of stories, real or made-up, to tell... but i shall end here for the hongkong '03 trip. tune in again sometime next year for more adventures elsewhere! (maybe with bilbo baggins in elven land.) or read about madrid '02 again. or look at the madrid pics.
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