a little less than the girl next door (in_transit) wrote,
a little less than the girl next door

paaatches, oh what can i doooooo

i’m thankful for my mostly happy childhood so that in difficult — and even not-so-difficult — times in my adulthood now and especially being so far away from home, i can take refuge in nostalgic childhood sounds and memories like all these oldies my dad loved to listen to. even on evenings as these when there’s not much to be stressed about and i’m just lying in bed whiling away time and procrastinating on sleep, these old songs make me feel all at the same time comforted and also a nagging little sense of yearning for those innocent days of yore.

i don’t know why i have so many and such vivid memories of my younger days; to be honest, i also have very vivid episodic memories of everything all the way to more recent days. probably because i ground these memories firmly in everything i saw, heard, smelled, tasted, felt and thought, and then gave up all the hard facts learnt and gathered over the years for brain space to store all these pointless little snippets of my unimportant little life. imagine if i wasn’t wired to do this and delete the more useful knowledge and info learnt over the years, i might well be a phd holder now, lol.

i guess some day 20 years later i’ll find myself looking back with rose-tinted nostalgia at even my last few years in hk. every day now, i tolerate this dull ache of missing the comforts of home and going to bed with the sounds of your loved ones still engaged in their own activities around you. (forgetting, of course, the many other things that annoy me like parents randomly picking quarrels and digging up old tiffs over really dumb stuff like “mummy always go to sleep without switching off tv”.)



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