a little less than the girl next door (in_transit) wrote,
a little less than the girl next door


three molotov cocktail bombs and dunnohowmany rounds of tear gas at wanchai tonight less than two minutes from my flat. the street was briefly on fire and for about an hour or so there was a lot of police sirens and shouting before the protesters moved on to their next destination. but surely nothing at wanchai tonight could be worse than the tear gas fired IN the kwai fong mtr station, super fml. anyway it's a good thing that i had a super early dinner at 5pm and upon seeing the emptyish streets and reading reports of the protesters' impending descent on the area, quickly skedaddled home. tomorrow 又不知道 what transport lines will be affected again. zzz

p.s.: yesterday i was at kowloon and also quickly left as the protesters began gathering along nathan road. last weekend, i was also at another part of kowloon and was also lucky to have left just half an hour before the protesters, riot police and tear gas descended on prince edward. i'm starting to reconsider my previous statement that "hong kong is still very safe as long as you stay out of those scheduled protest areas". because now the protests have become increasingly unscheduled and unscripted, so you never know where the protesters and flash mobs will move next. the roads and pavements on main areas in both sides of the island have become amazingly uncrowded on weekends because most other people are opting to stay home (or busy protesting elsewhere, lol). no need to queue for restaurants, and in fact many small shops in scheduled protest areas are tightly shuttered so you wanna queue also they not there to serve you.

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