a little less than the girl next door (in_transit) wrote,
a little less than the girl next door

in which jj teaches me new things

i now like jj's version of 不能说的秘密 much better than jay's original.
and i guess life's like that too. building new loves upon past loves, moving on.

i used to like the original a lot, have memories built upon it, in particular one of myself in my final year in uni, dreamily crossing the long overhead bridge above the busy expressway dividing bedok reservoir and kembangan to teach tuition, this song playing from my earphones, worrying about the looming deadline for my thesis and yet impatient to be done with school and start work. those were really the best days of my life.

now i find jj's version so much more powerful and emotive. 你说把爱渐渐放下会走更远.
my hk chapter can now be considered closed (well, just days from close); i'm very eager to embrace what lies ahead. :)


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