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hemingway says hi

and this is hemingway; first of all, giving his disgruntled femdog look, for being stuck in between two beige pillars of... erm, something vaguely resembling cellulite... and then that's him, squeezing his way out, waving his left front paw at you, in an attempt to look better on film. and that's him again, because he claims his side view makes him look slightly like a ferocious scottish terrier, which would greatly enhance his appeal factor to... the female of his species, like hillary, harriet, henrietta, holly etc. etc. (but are scotties ferocious in the first place? they only snap around at people's ankles, to the extent i know them.)

and hemingway wants to thank the bunch of nice people he spent his yesterday with. he had especially alot of fun at spotlight and on the train home. (and plenty of attention from eavesdroppers too.) he says he found the hsocrates joke very funny (what's hemingway's favourite philosopher?), but his fave is actually hippocrates 'cos he sounds like "hypocrisy". oh well, whatever he says... i can never beat hemingway at coming up with stupid stuff, anyway...

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