a little less than the girl next door (in_transit) wrote,
a little less than the girl next door

house work is more appealing than work work

on my grand day off today, in order to avoid starting on the work i know is waiting for me, i ended up cleaning my room, changing the bedsheets, wiping down the tables and mirrors, sorting out my clothes, blending a nice new diffuser scent, applying to change my address, and even buying a new ipad casing online. (can you believe that one genuine apple ipad casing costs s$99 wtf so unacceptable i certainly didn't get mine for that ex five years ago; i ended up buying a s$13.90 one off carousell, hope it's alright.) and then i took my second bath of the day in this very chilly weather and had a good long scrub and after that diligently applied every single winnie product that she decrees i have to apply. and now i'm blogging about it just so i can delay starting for another few minutes. alright, basically i've had a very productive day today in terms of house work and am quite happy about it.

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