a little less than the girl next door (in_transit) wrote,
a little less than the girl next door

cny is over, sadness

cny is over. or at least the first week of it is over. ate another whole lot of crap, despite having had only two visitations, fml. dread packing and moving my things; such a pain, wish i had a month totally off work to do it. and the post-reno floor still feels quite dusty despite so many rounds of vaccuuming and mopping already! i've been finding so many little chips here and there on the wood tiles, so terrible... the saving grace is my wood-coloured permanent marker, which works wonders, and i'll just take all those chips as 不完美中的完美 ba. also oiled the main door and gate. in other news, work has been quite lax for me lately, after my declaration that i want to focus on quality over quantity. but while load has lightened, stress and burden hasn't quite, given my big pending repeatedly-delayed project. sighz. whatever lah, must just keep reminding myself that being able to produce something with many imperfections is still better than not being able to produce a perfect package. and that there are many other more important things for me to tend to in life - like myself, lol. bye and out for now.

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