a little less than the girl next door (in_transit) wrote,
a little less than the girl next door

bbt of the heartlands

my brief period of "load has lightened" has ended abruptly with a bunch of disparate "urgent" tasks - one quite big and immediate - suddenly on my lap. doesn't help that i actually have social commitments or errands to run on my days off and can't devote them to secretly working my ass off at home. so i have to spend my late nights on them instead of playing sims and watching netflix and surfing internet as i'd much prefer to do.

i took the whole of next week off to settle the home re-cleaning/moving stuff, but now it turns out that i will likely be spending about/at least half of that time working after all. the good thing is, can claim back the time, of course; but the bad thing is, when will i ever get to spend them? zzz. really wish all this were generating more income for me. some of my lucky cousins actually got to encash their leave; such great company policy.

all this said, for all my complaints, at least i really like the things i'm doing now (or the things i don't enjoy are all incredibly easy), and while any kind of work will always be a drag, it's still so much less of a pain and far less emotionally and mentally damaging than in the not-so-distant past!

dining table and chairs came today, yay, lol. but suddenly the dining area looks far less spacious, sad (though the table is smaller than the one at my parents' place!). suspect it may seem cramped after the sofa arrives (dunno when); i hope it doesn't turn out to be oversized for the space. brought my piano keyboard and canvases over too, but these ones somehow seem to look undersized against the walls, fml (yet they seemed to take up too much space at my parents'). so hard to guesstimate proportions and all.

by the way, an each-a-cup opened across the road from my place! each-a-cup is long passe now but still, after so many years, it's the first bubble tea chain to open at my area... past bbt shops (that have long since shut) were always their own little businesses with highly questionable quality. can't help but notice each-a-cup expanding, as they also recently opened one at bedok interchange and another at bedok north avenue 4. the bbt brand of the heartlands. the brown sugar milk tea i had this evening was quite acceptable la.

how... i type so much here because i'm trying to avoid starting on research for my next "urgent" piece. i shall go to bed now and suffer the consequences tomorrow and over the weekend. nightz.

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