on fitness (or lack of it)

been taking some long walks lately. about 6km mid last week, 13km on saturday, and another 13km tonight. if i don’t have to entertain family friends this weekend, i should be able to clock another 13km or so then. hope this helps get my fitness back on track a bit, though there aren’t really any hills here to climb. (i mean, when i was in ireland that time, i spent entire days walking on mostly flat paths, up to 30+km a day, and lost not a single kg after that... on the contrary, years ago, after spending just three full days cycling up and down hills in taiwan, i lost 3-4kg; so my conclusion is walking on flat paths is quite useless, though i’ll still do it to prevent my muscles from wasting away i guess.)

the good news is, without much effort, it appears that i’ve suddenly miraculously regained much of the flexibility in my left inner(?) thigh, so i can kinda sit cross-legged easily again, though my left foot still can’t bend well enough to be at the bottom due to the old foot injury. upper part of foot still hurts when it comes into contact with the hard ground, sobs. i think that may have been what caused my sudden loss of flexibility that time.

the bad news is, my right lower back is always hurting/pinching now when i make sudden bends, fml. especially after walking upright for some time, super fml. that day i dropped something in a shop and had difficulty bending down to retrieve it, super super fml. if more exercise doesn’t improve the situation, i might end up seeing a(n expensive) chiropractic after all. zzz...

though my new series is keeping me really busy on practically all my days off and free time pre- and post-work, i still hope to be able to find some time to fit in more walks.


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