a little less than the girl next door (in_transit) wrote,
a little less than the girl next door


best thing about wfh is the freedom to hold a jay chou youtube concert at will in front of my desk and sing loudly along and wave and sway and headbop to the music, all while doing work.

看著那白色的蜻蜓 在空中忘了前進
還能不能 重新編織 腦海中起毛球的記憶
再說我愛你 可能雨也不會停
黑色毛衣 藏在哪裡 就讓回憶永遠停在那裡
(p.s. 那黑色毛衣 has long been vaccuum-packed and lying in the wardrobe since jan 2020. )

went stand-up paddling again right before the storm hit yesterday. sea was choppy but we were incredibly lucky cos it started pouring heavily right after we got home! i especially liked how we could just get out of the water, throw on some clothes and arrive home all in under 20min. super gmh. but didn't suffer any muscleaches today, so i suspect we actually didn't really exercise at all, which is a minor fml. maybe next time should kayak instead. or pole dancing, loollol.

my dad got his first jab this week. mum and sis next week. talk has it that newsroom might get ours next month, so that i won't have to be the only member in my family left unvaccinated and unable to travel.

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