a little less than the girl next door (in_transit) wrote,
a little less than the girl next door


man, this coming week's story blurbs has me feeling like i'm writing some mills & boon novel, fml. i guess all that julie garwood romance rubbish in my sec school days finally paid off, lol.

meanwhile, one of the worst feelings in the first-world world barring major disasters and health crises, has got to be nursing an angry mouth ulcer for days that's preventing you from eating and drinking or even speaking properly. i'm like starving to death and have been reduced to eating bread (thankfully, bonjour bread with choc chips and raisins, hehe), cos everything else i eat is like freaking painful. the ulcer is under the right side of my tongue, and unfortunately i also have one sharp molar that keeps poking into it. wish i could just file down my teeth, gah. please, may my ulcer go away and not come back for at least another year.

p.s: most interestingly, i just discovered that the last time i blogged about my last ulcer here was on march 20, 2020. the good thing is this suggests that my once-regular ulcer problem in singapore is perhaps hitting me only once a year now. the other thing is, how come so qiao very almost exactly a year ago? luckily i still managed to have a great ribeye steak on my birthday before it started hurting so badly. oh, and also bought new home clothes on my bday, cos you know how now don't need to buy work clothes anymore, but all my overused home clothes are now disintegrating? lolz

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