a little less than the girl next door (in_transit) wrote,
a little less than the girl next door

a korean addiction

had a very busy week managing an intense onset of kdrama addiction in between everything else and sudden urgent assignments. the result of my not being able to curb the need to watch the show is i end up having to work through the night so that deadlines are met. it didn't help that there was a half-day power outage at my parents' place due to workers changing the block's electrical cables... so mid-week, instead of working as i was supposed to (since no power, cannot switch on the computers), i went over to my place and nua-ed the whole day watching the drama instead, fml. then at night went home, watched somemore until 1am, then until really bopian liao then started writing my covid piece and putting together the graphic. filed at 7am, went to bed, then woke up again at 2pm to see it through to print. and now i'm terribly behind time in scripting two podcasts based on not-very-put-together raw copies with a bunch of queries. but all i really want to do is to watch korean odyssey. sighz.

p.s. for my efforts this week, i gained three more days off in lieu, so not that bad la. got a few private emails of high praise from higher ups, so also good. meanwhile, getting fatter by the day, although backaches are getting a tad better with >10km walks twice a week. and now, i also want to marry 孙悟空, lol.


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