a little less than the girl next door (in_transit) wrote,
a little less than the girl next door

i thought it was sposed to set in only after a day!

just got my 2nd dose at noon today and now i'm alternating between fever and chills, parched throat and hot eyeballs and eyelids, muscleache all over, mild weakness in my legs and ankles, fngers ache and feel strangely sensitive to the touch even when i wash hands, and of course the arm where i got jabbed is a bit sore (but not as sore as the day after my first jab). what kind of power vaccine is this; part of me wonders if all these side effects are just psychological, lol. in short, i feel like a muah chee. still gotta work with only 8h in between to sleep and kena one day off fewer this week, zzz. also i just took one paracetamol and it tasted crappy and was stuck in my throat for a while. you know i like to give a long whine or two whenever i'm sick.

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