a little less than the girl next door (in_transit) wrote,
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every day waiting for the sun

have since recovered from my vaccine side effects, which lasted about a week. it was everything i read and wrote about in the news... recurring fever, chills, joint ache, stiff neck, swollen lymph nodes, nagging headache for days... took a day's mc and 12 paracetamols, despite my usual resistance to taking such pills. better to be vaccinated than not, though; 长痛不如短痛.

since then, have been mostly spending my time at home watching my plants grow, lol. so far i have bokchoy, kangkong, chives and spearmint - not all have germinated yet and very probably some will die prematurely. am planning for a bunch more (pandan, sweet potato and some other herbs), but having some trouble finding good sunny spots for them at the moment without moving them out of doors. also voraciously reading up on how not to kill my monstera and peace lily and how to provide them with the best growing environment indoors. am frankly sooo tempted to invest in some grow lights. and a long, tall and narrow standing rack (or two). but they're not cheap, and i'm trying not to overdo it with my potential 三分钟热度.

also went for my health screening yesterday. i still owe them a poop sample and also reconfirmed that i'm DAMN FAT now; fat content has risen drastically since my time in hk, and muscle mass has plunged. great. have been doing a bit of treadmill and stretching but definitely not enough. so many things to do in life but just no time to do them all... and still earn a proper income and get sufficient sleep (so far i've been accomplishing only income and sleep...). also, i feel like there's a mozzie epidemic going on in my bedroom, and have been trying to use ways and means to solve the problem; hope they work.

have been on mostly 6am shift this fortnight - it's unbearable for the first half to 3/4 of the shift, but knocking off mid-afternoon is a dream, though so far i have the tendency to crash in bed straight after and wake up again only at night and then having trouble going to bed again later and subsequently having trouble waking again at 5+am. it leaves me a lot of time to walk around supervising my plants, though, and to shift them around according to the moving sun throughout the day, hehe. have got a lot of work ideas but am keeping very quiet and low profile lately because i still have a lot of leave uncleared and would like to focus on my plants etc for the time being. actually secretly proud of myself for being able to rein myself in and being less caught up with work matters. not so sure my bosses will see this as a good thing though, lol.

that's all for now. perhaps i will find it in me to visit a nursery a bit later.

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