a little less than the girl next door (in_transit) wrote,
a little less than the girl next door


sorry that i tend to often come here with negativity. but i can't quite let it out elsewhere or directly at others cos i have to maintain civility and all. so i just wanted to say that i really don't appreciate it when people make plans with others way in advance but think of me only last minute when they have no other options, and at 11am message me urgently to demand that i go out for lunch with them at noon and then scold me for lack of spontaneity when i say i'm at a training course 10am-12pm and have work 3pm-12mn. and for the record, i knocked off work also past midnight the previous day, so i'd really appreciate more sleep in any extra time i get (and then am accused of prioritising sleep over them).

so said person then proceeds to tell me to just leave my zoom switched on and go out for lunch together anyway. as for work, person said i should just slack off and nobody would know. plzzz... just cos person can do that because writing your own stories once a week means you can control your speed and quality, doesn't mean the requirements of my work are the same. so i gave person an alternative - i can have lunch on wednesday if you want - and person goes on to say that wtf wednesday is so far ahead, don't ask me now. like, okay, i get how unimportant i am to person, but find it quite rude for person to always be scolding me (albeit semi jokingly) about how i am so unspontaneous and stupid, don't know how to handle work, handle boss, play politics and chaokeng. frankly, if you introspect a bit and consider yourself and circumstances a decade ago when you were my age, you'll see who's the one who's really doing better. really don't appreciate always being lectured just because i let it slide. zzz.

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