a little less than the girl next door (in_transit) wrote,
a little less than the girl next door

the past fortnight

these days, i generally don't post when i'm not working, cos i'm lazy to start up the comp, and the lj mobile app is quite crappy (i'm sure you all will agree wholeheartedly). so i just came back to work (at 5am, no less) after clearing 2.5 weeks of leave. really so sianz. luckily i still have about another 3 weeks left off in lieu till the end of the year, plus the new round of annual leave starts after august ends. could get addicted to life without work and yet still getting paid, lol.

recent updates in my life is that i've finally finished moving everything over to the new place. except for two small shelves of chinese books, which can wait, i guess. most of the planties have been repotted, though i ran out of soil halfway and shall have to retop some pots soon, but lazy. except for 12 slightly botak stalks of kangkong, all the other vegetables have either not survived the fungus gnat infestation or i've put them out of their misery first. lesson learnt: it's important to use good soil (and yet you can't know if it contains fungus fly eggs until you've tried it). all the other non-veggies are still doing okay, thankfully. the aroids, in particular, appear to be doing fantastically... probably because the "bright indirect light" at home is blinding for humans, but yet i can't bear to draw the curtains and deprive them of photosynthesis. so yah, it's okay if i go blind as long as the houseplants are thriving, lol.

that day xty paid me the highest compliment ever when she came over for a visit and after a few hours, she wanted to send winkibo home to take care of meimei and let her spend the night here. hehehehe. i was sooo flattered. wasn't that happy ending up last in the space game, though. i wanted to scream and shout and flip the board, but had to control myself and try to continue the game without appearing upset, in case winkibo scold me for setting bad example for xty. yn was a terrible influence, laughing loudly at me when i got kicked back to zero. must find more new games (that i can win at) for xty's next visit. also, i'm left with a surplus of yakult in my fridge now since i actually prefer vitagen. suddenly recalled that many years ago when we were still schooling, winkibo was the one who brought vitagen to my place after an angsty lj post from me about my dad's yakult/vitagen favouritism. i was so gamdong. <3 <3

another update is i finally got my health report after procrastinating on it for weeks. my fat content is apparently only slightly below the "obese" level, lollolwtfbbq. muscle mass has dipped from my hk days while fat content has risen dramatically - and i don't have the boobs to blame for it. luckily the most dangerous, visceral fat content is still considerably lower than average. even so, i'm supposed to lose 3kg of fat and gain 10kg of muscle in order to attain a healthy weight and proportion of fat/muscle. other key findings are, i have no excuse for my protruding tummy since they did not find any tumour or whatever in the area; i should watch my diet cos my cholesterol level is near the high end of the normal range, my constant backache is probably the result of poor posture, and i should go and get the hep a vaccine cos i have zero resistance to it. so in summary, the results are just a reflection of my sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy diet over the past year plus since i returned.

so lately i've started doing these growingannanas exercise videos introduced by winkibo, ever our trendsetter in terms of what to watch lol. then i found out that my sister was also using the same videos. this anna engelschall is apparently austrian, which makes me feel good about her, and she has a wide range of vids catering to different levels of ability and free time. it's been quite fun doing them, after i got through the painful and discouraging first couple of sessions where i couldn't finish even one 35min video and kinda wanted to die. btw, she's only 26, fml.

okay, gotta end here and get back to work now (it was my lunchtime i spent writing this up btw; don't report me). can't wait to knock off in two hours' time.

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