a little less than the girl next door (in_transit) wrote,
a little less than the girl next door

disaster strikes, lol

lesson learnt today: always close windows before going out.

so i spent last night at my parents' place again, but neglected to close all the windows at my place as i wasn't sure at the point of leaving if i'd be back. so this morning around 930am, it started pouring heavily. if it had been only rain, it would have been okay, but it came with like some gale-force wind. so by the time i suddenly woke up and immediately put on my glasses and sprinted back to close the windows, i was greeted with a horrific sight when i opened the door, lol.

the wind was so strong that it had blown the curtain ties off in the living room. and with the curtain ties off, the curtains were free to blow about violently along its line. and they're actually fairly weighty curtains. so the violently-blowing curtains actually knocked over not one, but two pretty weighty plant pots... over the carpet.

it knocked over the ceramic pot with the anthuriums (the red flowers) on the tv console, and broke one of the flowers off its stalk (only one, whew). thankfully the plant was quite rootbound, so no soil actually fell out of that pot; and also, thankfully the ceramic pot fell on the carpet, so it didn't shatter into a million pieces. the wifi router was also knocked down from the tv console. in fact the console was wet... though it's about 1m away from the window.

the wind/curtains also knocked over my precious monsteras... which were on the floor to begin with, so it's really quite ludicrous. thankfully all stems remained intact and i hope the baby leaf emerging will be unaffected (if not, strengthened) by the experience, lol. but the worst thing was half the big pot of the aroid soil was scattered across the carpet beside it, AND the self-watering tool emptied all its water on the soiled (literally!) carpet.

so now i'm left with a double-palm-sized brownish spot on the off-white wool carpet to commemorate the occasion, lol. had a hard time trying to clean it off and probably made it worse. probably also destroyed the carpet-vacuuming head on the vacuum in the process as well. i would have taken a photo of the sight that greeted me when i entered, but in my hurry to rush over, i forgot to bring my phone. also because of that, i could only try to clean up the carpet based on my memory (instead of referring to the internet), so i just sprinkled a lot of baking soda over the wet stained area and tried to vacuum it all up half an hour later.

unfortunately the internet says it should have been accompanied with some soap detergent and white vinegar, involving a lot of dabbing with clean white towels, etc. by the time i found out, it was a little too late, and beside i also didn't have white vinegar, nor was i diligent or brave enough to want to experiment with soapy water and have to dab at it repeatedly. so now the carpet spot is brown/yellow with little clumps of wet baking soda stuck to its fibres... a bit like an old weathered sheep left out in a storm, lolz. considered shaving the top off, like shearing the sheep, but that's probably a stupid idea and will look comical, so i left it in the end.

i'll consider it giving the carpet some "character" and a conversation starter, haha. won't be trying to hide it under some furniture (for now, at least). it's just like how i think whenever my apple watch or leather wallet gets a scratch or dent. basically, this is just a story of how, though i love this place for various reasons, its location also comes with various perils, lol.

on the plants left outside, which are actually less sheltered, a bunch of the guava flowers got blown off. but the guava is hardy, so whatever. the taller baby chillies and okra kinda fainted and keeled over; i feel both heart pain and find it quite amusing. i have some bamboo canes that i'm trying to use to support their stalks now, hope it works. also read before that strong wind might actually strengthen plants cos they know they have to grow thicker and stronger to withstand it. (even so, the wind was really too strong la; maybe lucky that their stems are fairly flexible so they could just bend over instead of breaking.)

amazingly the thai basil (the very fragrant purple one that just produced a pair of flowers) remained standing tall despite being one of the pots most exposed to the wind. maybe it was cos the stems were all grown fairly tightly together as a bunch and is full of leaves? no idea. indian borage also very intact probably cos of its fleshy stem and stiff leaves. the most kkml is my peace lily (situated in the living room, right beside the window, having a full view of the disaster that befell the monstera and anthuriums), actually looks the happiest it has looked in the past few weeks, though the internet has said it should be kept away from wind. i think it's probably a schadenfreude plant, laughing at the others.

so anyway after cleaning up, i repotted the small hanging pothos into a standing pot. was a bit angry to again find the bottom like 5-10cm of the pot packed with styrofoam that the roots had grown into. dunno what's the purpose of using styrofoam other than to save on soil. i bought only two plants from this seller - the other was a pandan, and i found the same thing, except a lot more styrofoam. no wonder the plant was taking in so little water. farking unscrupulous seller. hope the pothos and pandan thrive on their more and better soil now.

in other news, i managed to fit in another growingannanas video before lunch. i'm just kinda doing the same video every day for now (especially when time is tight), cos though repetitive, i at least have a sense of how much i've improved in a matter of days - no longer cheating as much, being able to do more standard reps and faster, holding on for much longer, etc etc. often, despite all the horrors, i'm grateful to npcc for teaching us how to do standard (girl) push-ups so that it's kinda second nature. maybe they should have trained us better in doing the real boy push-ups, though. (and spent less time running around with concrete slabs and heavy logs.)

this new week, i hope to try maybe one or two new ananas videos on top of the old one. and to watch the three new episodes of that trashy netflix reality show love is blind so that we can bitch about it together again and i won't be fomo. i'm sure there are other things i hope to accomplish this week but can't think of them offhand for now lol. bye for now.

p.s.: also, smallbully visited over the weekend and we fantasised about becoming neighbours. that would be kinda great, honestly. then ben can have a flourishing garden and i can get to play with the boys without having them destroy my sofa. and we can do all the random things we used to do together again! and durian can be bought in bulk! lol. so pls give this some serious consideration and consult the real estate agents in the vicinity, haha.

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