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current obsessions

- a bit fascinated lately with eating red dragonfruit and later pooping purple poop and peeing pink pee.
- quite suan all over with some of annanas' latest workout videos. have been following her "august week 1" routine this week. did so many donkey kicks/holds/whatever until my pigu pain, but my abs seem fine and still have a promiment youyongquan, sadly. maybe i should stop cheating so much on the ab bits. why annanas doesn't even break a sweat throughout the workout but halfway through my mat already wet wet and full of sweat marks... despite having two fans blowing directly at me, lol.
- finished the three extra epis of love is blind and have so many comments about it.
- feel like re-reading my wheel of time series from scratch all over again.
- quite happy to discover i have quite a bunch of back-to-back days off/pph towards the end of next week. but soon i shall be back on the 5/6am shift again (which sux in the morning when i have to roll out of bed, but rox in the afternoon when i knock off).
- my parents harvested my sweet potato leaves today. she bu de trim the flowers off the thai basil to maintain its leaves' edibility; think i shall leave them, though this apparently means the plant will soon die after the flowers go. hopefully its seeds fall nicely into the pot and regrow themselves.
- that's all for now. more if i think if anything else random later.

aug 6
- glad to report i've finished five days of annanas videos for the week and waiting for her to update her playlist for the last two days. i've been on her videos for consecutive days for about two plus weeks now; the first week or so, was a bit less serious and cheating a lot more; only serioused up a bit more this week after starting to film myself doing it, haha. (still got cheat regularly though, lol.)
- actually at the end of her videos (two max at a go), i often wonder if i'm doing enough. like, i get super sweaty, but not knackered. but after showering and all, when the suanness starts to set in everywhere, then i find myself kinda glad that i didn't geh kiang to try to do more.
- then i undo all my efforts by overeating and carb-loading cos i have really poor self-control like that. so i had an entire mac and cheese all by myself on wednesday night, and many slices of stuffed crust pizza last night (i even ate colin's last slice, fml). then after that damn full and dying. no wonder my stomach still like that. and my arms damn flabby. sianz.
- now i feel like sleeping liao, but i have to finish two lengthy stories by tonight and i havent started on it at all, wtf. should i just go to bed now and try to finish it tonight? fanzhen mtf hasn't even spoken yet (speaking in about an hour's time i think), is there any point in me starting now? i'm such a terrible un-daytime person. zzz......

aug 7, 4.30am
- tried to escape writing the 2nd story by doubling the length of the 1st one and adding graphical elements. hope i wake up to find that the powers that be agree with my assessment that it's unnecessary; if not, i shall have to write the second piece in quite a hurry when i wake. plus, it's just gonna be lots of repetitive stuff, AND it's my day off again, as usual, hmph.
- am glad for the loosening of measures. it's been starting to feel stifling, even if not unbearable (cos privilege and i hermit; but i prefer not to have to wash my own plates). the possibility of long-haul covid is still a concern to me, but am becoming increasingly convinced that we cannot be too cautious and stay closed for much longer now that so many are fully vaxxed. i'm so easily indoctrinated, fml.
- i wonder, though, how much longer can the antibodies last and how soon will the boosters come, for us (it's an ethical issue too, since others elsewhere haven't even got their first shots)... might have explored this a bit in my story if i had been more hardworking, but it'd be so much more over length and i really lazy to re-activate the thinking and sorting out all the logic part of the brain, after already having waded my way through a series of often contradictory research reports with various different variables.
- as i told colin this afternoon before my nap, if only my job is to do just one workout a day, lol. life in the first world is so difficult...
- ...shall i skip ananas tomorrow (today)? my thighs and all still feel a bit suan, and i haven't vetted her two new videos yet. i always feel like vetting them the night before actually doing them helps make them more manageable for me cos i know exactly what i'm in for. but now i just wanna koon.
- my morning shift colleague is already up and logged on (though her shift starts at 9am today)!! and the late-shift colleague tonight was still on at 3.30am working on something though she should have knocked off around midnight. we shouldn't be glorifying this at all, but such attitudes are also what make me feel that this is a much, much nicer and better place to be (despite my grouses here and there). people generally just seem to care so much more about the things they do and are responsible for. like you're not the only one putting in superhuman effort to drag everything along. much gratitude for this bunch of good, honest, burden-sharing teammates.

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