a little less than the girl next door (in_transit) wrote,
a little less than the girl next door


lazy, unmotivated, neijuan and want to tangping, exactly as colin described. had a good short shift today and very glad to report that i have the next two days off. have not been as hot about ananas as last week (though still doing it at least every two days). haven't been as on about caring for the plants either, though i still water them every day la. i feel like they all (the outside ones) grow so fast and need to be trimmed so regularly and repotted into much bigger pots but no space, no soil and lazy. the houseplants are much better since some are in self-watering pots and can take care of themselves. must say i love the fuss-freeness of pothos and would be happy to have more. but my dad has been warning me that once travel reopens and if i go anywhere, my plants will almost certainly die if someone else (like my mother) takes over, fml. shall see.

btw wanted to say that ananas' german sounds much more fluent than her english. and her mother's ig handle, which is called growingmamanas, is absolutely hilarious! some of her vids may have caused my recent knee pain, so thinking of going back to low impact or maybe just the yoga-ish stuff for a while. meanwhile, cadbury has a durian chocolate bar and i bought it. lol. the end for now.

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