watching windows

one of the most fascinating things in (my otherwise very boring little) life is being awake at 3am and window watching as a heavy windy downpour begins. you can literally feel the estate stir from their sleep, see dark rooms lighting up one by one, and people in their sleeping clothes waking up groggily to close the windows and make a trip to the loo before trudging back to bed. the orange lights so warm and comforting, there’s something almost magical about them. in some flats behind the tinted windows, you can see the intermittent flicker of the tv still on and wonder what show they’re watching. i feel like getting a telescope but not sure if it’d be illegal to use it like this, lol.

peering through windows across buildings has always held a fascination for me… ever since i was a kid in kindy, looking out the windows long past bedtime unbeknownst to my parents, and communicating with the family across the block, who waved to me and entertained me as i showed them my soft toys one by one. also when we were in a swiss apartment long ago, when i spent hours just gazing through the floor-to-ceiling windows into other people’s flats and watching anastasia the disney movie on their tv instead of our own. and many many more other nice nostalgic window-gazing moments. and then there was the time high up in that sharma hk apartment, such a beautiful view; but when cols told me she felt lonely seeing others going about their lives through those windows, i realised it’s not the same for everyone else.

i have a love affair with windows. and trains too, of course; train windows. g’night.


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