really, wake me up when september ends

am supposed to be mugging malaysia’s convoluted politics these two days but really think about it then just feel damn tired. instead, today, i gave my plants more tlc, went “shopping” in the vicinity and accidentally came back with a $12 cupressus goldcrest (aka a little xmas tree, the only plant i ever had in hk) from the market, did a 30min annanas vid and crafted/revised a friend’s talking points for her forum tomorrow. so my own studying took a backseat today. another friend is visiting tomorrow morning so i have to be up early. hope i can find time to catch up with my readings after that. the rest of the week is set to be quite siong for me. may it all pass quickly and saturday come soon and the food be good.

september is barely here yet and pretty much my month is already nearly fully booked up. looks like i might not even be able to fit in my brows touch-up this month. if any of my fixed days off are swallowed up again by work this month, i think i might just explode. frankly i feel tired just looking at my calendar. it could also be the fact that i shall have to switch on at 5am for most of the month, and could very well remain on this shift for an extended period of time given the latest round of “restructuring”. this basically means ideally i should be in bed by 7pm every night lolz. that’s clearly not happening, but what it means is i will definitely not be open to any evening socialising as long as i’m slated to work the next day and that by 7pm i’ll start getting quite antsy. i’m just so not cut-out for mornings.

doesn’t help that i’ll have to be in office at 11am on wed, rush out a story not my expertise by end of day, will probably have to stay on to check till midnight or so, and start work again at 5am the next morning. and no compensation day off for that; feel super sian. perhaps i should take a couple weeks off in october. what i’m really most interested in right now is getting my new plant pots and hoping fervently that my lemon cypress will thrive this time, though it’s clearly not suited for the singapore environment. and fitting some annanas in between.

God help me survive stressful september, and thrive.


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