a little less than the girl next door (in_transit) wrote,
a little less than the girl next door


my incredibly painful four-day work week of 6am (only officially) supeing shifts ends in a matter of minutes. rejoice. i might reward myself with at least one new little planty later this evening. hehehehe. dunno if i can muster enough energy to do some annanas right after work though. shall see. the week has been another one of those with super messed-up sleeping schedules (or lack of any schedule, really) - will wake at 4+/5am, work, nap after 3pm, have dinner ~7pm, attempt to be back in bed after 10pm but end up spending the time catching up on the past ~7h of news before the next day, wake up intermittently in the night to check if it's 4+/5am yet, sometimes shower at 4am, and so on. basically quite crappy. not much time to netflix and chill at all, and my plants are starting to be a bit of a bother on some days. alright, time to consolidate the day's outstanding stuff for handover. talk again.

p.s. jarch, pls keep us updated on your annanas attempts too, lol.

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