need stuffed crust pizza and bbt

my next four-day 5/6am work week starts in a little over four hours. feel a sense of dread. definitely not as bad as the dread i used to feel every day back at the bubblegum, so i guess that’s still a good thing. covid cases are getting bad; trying to do a little bit more self-isolating after a family friend’s bro found himself positive a day after giving my mum a lift to church, and my mum had also spent the day with that family friend. so far other than the bro, all seem well and/or have home-tested negative, but shall have to see.

i did do two sessions of annanas last friday, after which i went 85 with the parents and failed to bring back any new plants but did bring back eight bbq chicken wings, lol. did not have any bbt over the weekend nor watched any hospital playlist or netflix for that matter. seriously what exactly did i do, i also can’t really remember now, except that my dayima visited. wanted to order pizza several times but was thwarted by food already cooked/bought by the parents. wanted to repot some plants too but not enough soil and lazy; need a lot of proper space planning one, you know.

this new week from tomorrow, i expect to wake at 5am, nap 330-730pm, have dinner and potter around a bit before sleeping again ~12mn, and repeat. dunno if i can find it in me to fit in annana’s new exercises tomorrow (which means i skip nap and should then be in bed by 9pm). i don’t wanna keep complaining but i really find these early morning shifts severely limiting, not only in my personal life but also in creativity and thinking up new ideas for work because i’m just constantly anxious about not getting enough sleep.

maybe i should order in pizza and bbt toms to make myself feel better. also my sweet potato leaves are really lush now so i guess can have a small harvest soon. and i applied for a (two) allotment plots at bedok town park; hope we get (at least) one so that i can use my various vegetable seeds and not have to keep rationing space at the corridor and wishing that the neighbour would sell his flat to my family, lol. i mean, it would really be a dream if my sister could move here too but the neighbours don’t seem to be planning on moving any time soon.

God help me get through this other painful early morning four-day work week. amen.


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