a little less than the girl next door (in_transit) wrote,
a little less than the girl next door


did this one yesterday, as, well, i'm a very lazy low-impact person who really doesn't like to move too much or too quickly. i feel like my resistance band, while looking somewhat the same size as hers, doesn't seem to offer much resistance - like 戴了好像没戴 做了好像没做. dunno. but this video definitely has TOO MANY squats, especially in the first half. but otherwise, as long as it doesn't cause knee pain (yet), it's actually quite easy.

so, now that i'm done with the 3rd day in my 4-day stretch of work... shall i take a nap cos i'm damn tired? or do annanas, or open a new pot of tomato or brinjal? think maybe i'll do the nap zzz.

we'll be into the final stretch of the year tomorrow. some time when i'm free, must look back at what i said i wanted to do this year and what are the chances of meeting those loose goals. nightz for now.

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