a little less than the girl next door (in_transit) wrote,
a little less than the girl next door

things (that i remember) i did this past week

so i did annanas only twice last week. set some new spring onion, tomato and cosmos mix seeds into used yogurt cups and harvested basil and pandan once and indian borage twice cos it was totally overcrowding in the pot. almost all of the harvest went straight into the freezer (after washing) cos i'm in fact not very fond of basil nor indian borage at all lol. my mother took the pandan home, and gave one pot of indian borage cuttings to her friend and now i have to raise another pot of cuttings for another friend of hers. she declined to harvest the sweet potato leaves yet cos there's too much veg at home at the moment, so i'm letting them get quite overgrown, but they seem to be blocking the malabar spinach from the sun, whatever. still have some long chillis hanging off the plant and more on the way, but i also don't like to eat chilli, gosh, why i go and plant all the things that i don't even like to eat?! meanwhile, of those of my plants that i actually like to eat, guava has been flowering a bit but none set to fruit despite my best efforts at hand pollination; okra is healthy and growing many and huge leaves, but no flowers nor fruit, zzz. mint is suffering from severe lack of sunlight, entirely my fault because i chucked it on the lower deck of the stand, having run out of space; soon i shall give up on it. kangkong also lacking sunlight and growing slowly, but still alright. that's basically a summary of my edibles for the week.

the reason i'm here and updating at length on my plants now is because i'm once again procrastinating... on coming up with a big pitch. really zzz, maybe i really shouldn't even bother, or maybe i shall just do it after work tomorrow. i watched the whole of squid game in two sittings, from past midnight on saturday to 6+am, then slept till about 11am and woke again to finish the last two epis by about 2pm. it was entertaining... the same way i like hunger games, maze runner and all my zombie, vampire, epic fantasy and superhero flicks, lol. but less thought-provoking and disturbing than parasite, imo. and then i went and did some (grocery-ish) shopping at tampines and had sarpino's for dinner and chucked the leftovers in the fridge. also, resumed watching a bit of hospital playlist cos it's just a soothing mostly mindless show to watch. i'm supposed to get my hep a vaccine on monday. and i really wish i had the whole of october off. feel tired and frankly a bit burnt outty, though i feel like i cannot quite justify to myself that i should feel burnt out. i mean, i've really been through much much worse and for years on end, so what does this count at all compared with my "sufferings" in the past? some more even then, i never concluded that i was ever burnt out, just immensely jaded and disillusioned. that's why i enjoy immersing myself in all these fantastical shows.

alright, i shall go to bed. my plan for the morrow includes doing annanas before work starts at 2pm, shaping up my pitch after work from 11pm, and reminding myself to get my hep a vax on monday, my day off, and probably having to log on anyway to attend the pitch meeting. tiredzzz...oh, oh, and i like this soothy song, but i think it's like the type you'd play at somebody's wedding lunch reception or during their wedding slideshow.


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