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dear friends, i think it’s time we set up new chat groups with friends and family on apps that aren’t just whatsapp or fb or ig. one down, all down. suddenly feel a bit handicapped and realise how almost entirely reliant on these three same-company-owned products we have become in recent years. i realised only today that of my immediate family members, my sister doesn’t even have wechat. now the only app i’m on in which groups of people i know are actively chatting is google hangouts (work ppl, lol). and maybe twitter, but that’s more like just news.

somehow i feel a little uncomfortable with that idea of being suddenly cut off from knowing that everyone else is online with me and can reply instantly if they wish, though strictly speaking my phone is on dnd mode cos i’m already in bed and i won’t even be checking my phone or replying. p.s. i’m also on wechat, telegram, signal, discord, clubhouse (mainly voice) and maybe some others too. add me wherever, and if we already have existing chat groups on wa/fb/ig, i really think we should set up backup groups on at least one of these other apps too!


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