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i should know better than to continue hoping

everybody loves people who are secure in themselves. :(

it's my parents' wedding anniversary today. and my dad's birthday tomorrow. so we're going out for dinner later. i still can't believe school's started. i'm already lagging in my readings. and dreading introducing myself in deutsch tomorrow evening. but i'm miserable for reasons other than these. it's so minor, i really shouldn't be taking it to heart. can't do much about it, besides.

el2162's second lecture wasn't too bad. only, i couldn't stop yawning. that red checked sweater's sleep-inducing. i'm suddenly reminded of the time everyone was punished due to my incessant yawning. unforgettable. --> sarcasm. sorry to senny, rina and shuqi (were you there?) for going home just like that. i didn't get any messages on the plans, couldn't get you on the phone, and was feeling lousy on the whole...

nuts right?? i should just quit it.

shall drown my sorrows in german revision and the moonstone tonight. stupid drowning imagery again. all i need now is a lifevest, okay. or i could switch to wallowing (again) in self-pity. but oh, i already am.

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