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douglas goes with fiona, duncan goes with gwenda, and the big brother donovan goes with this other girl whose name i haven't decided and their two kids -- sons, 'cos i prefer sons. their names are kurtis and kyler.

there -- that's my first extended family in my newly re-installed sims, original. i really should be getting livin' large to fill the gap to house party; so i can have santa down the chimney or something to put presents under the christmas tree and stuff like that. and aliens to abduct my sims for a little while... cool!

and when i'm done with all that, i can re-install hot date again and finally master the skill of hooking someone up... then when i'm more financially able (read: assuming all that tuition stuff don't fall through) i might just get vacation or unleashed, unleashed preferably.

mm hm... looks like i'm getting addicted all over again...... (thank vanessa huh *wink*)

now, just what shall i call my second set of people when i've successfully managed the first?? suggestions welcome... hehe

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