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有时候站在人群中 有种不完整感受 渴望你温柔
有时候因为你沉默 有种不安的软弱 朝你伸出手

两人爱情的途中 多少探索的困惑 模糊了初想的结果
但好不容易爱了 过程都是我们的 我多么在乎你的快不快乐

爱情是一种直觉的举动 在彼此凝望眼中找着线索
给多少 得多少 在感情的口袋中 我只愿你都掏空

爱情是一种直觉的选择 所以心头难免感受那么多
微笑了 流泪了 看你一举一动 我愿变作 覆盖着你的天空

it's just the song i can't get over. *grin*

i had a couple of pretty weird dreams yesterday. the first was when i fell asleep in the afternoon before meeting femdog at the stadium. i thought it (the dream) was sorta metaphorical but i'm lazy to elaborate here, so go bug her! the other was last night (this morning, actually) and it involved an evil centaur/unicorn mix ripping a toddler apart with the sharp beak of a dead falcon, and me being the only witness who ended up running for her own life.

i have so many 'running away' dreams so often that i really wonder what it is really i'm running from. ok, i have some idea, but let's not talk about it. haha. school, homework, readings, assignments, social life, people, society in general, myself, reality etc etc etc. and what's it about 'falling' dreams too? i used to have plenty of that when i was much younger, but very seldom now. how i wish i can/could(?) immerse myself in book 10 right now...

and let the rest of the world whizz past.

but i've gotta go investigate what it is about the grammar of english that confuses us (or me) about 'can' and 'could' (read two sentences up) and 'will' and 'shall' and crap. like: "i will update my journal in a while" versus "i shall update my journal in a while". think about it, if you shorten the first two words of each, they both end up with "i'll update my journal in a while". maybe we should just shorten all our sentences like this to avoid all that confusion we have to face when studying it in school. right?

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