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if this isn't enough to depress

  • a 3-hour lecture on stuff you can't solve, and will never be able to solve

  • lugging a big bag half your (under)weight 'round school 8 to 8

  • finding out at 5pm that your lecturer posted an announcement on ivle at 4pm to print notes for class at 6pm

  • especially when she had already succeeded in freaking you out the previous two lectures

  • and standing in queue behind somebody photocopying an entire book when you've only got 16 pages to print

  • having your teacher rush through a whole two hours' lecture on a totally new topic (when you've got horrendous vocab, and she threatens you with the vocab book)

  • and her being super impatient and rather intolerant of mistakes 'cos she's got some sports thingy to attend in a while (from the little bit i caught of the bullet-speed speech)

  • knowing you have lots undone, due tomorrow; that you still have school 'til 3 on chinese new year's eve; that at least 3 hours of which will be spent discussing problems you can't solve, and will never be able to

  • being confused about stuff you don't wanna talk about here; because feelings are always valid and i have totally no idea whatsoever how i allow myself to feel this way...

  • becoming so totally afraid you're gonna slip this sem in the only stuff that can pull you up

  • wearing the s4 tshirt looking like the fishmonger's daughter; having hairy legs and messy brows and feeling in general hot and sticky and unhappy

  • last and the worst: coming home to horrible dinner. nah that was a... erm... sad joke. coming home and having your parents quarrel over something darn stupid like "why did you sound so angry over the phone" or "why didn't you pick up my call". and have them screaming and shouting in the kitchen. which hasn't happened for like... a long long time. but then it's really something small, so not to worry

it's just that life suddenly seems so sucky and femdog suddenly messages to tell me she feels just as shitty, and i really darn darn hope that tomorrow will be much much better though i so do not look forward to el2162 tut toms. argh. i'm even talking in short-form now.

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