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by the way the details fall...

If I could remember what makes me feel good
I'd pound it down like a nail in wood
I'd never let go of that feeling again I know

I know that I felt this way before
I'd pound it down like a cellar door
I want you to know I'm behind you, by the way

By the way that you look when I confront you
By the way that I affect the things you do
By the way did I tell you I can't leave you, by the way

I'll be waiting for you on judgement day
To watch all these judgements pass away
And by the way the details fall, by the way

By the way all the people that care about you
Are all watching to see what you're gonna do
By the way have I told you I can't leave you, by the way

By the way that you built me up again
Back to a time when I was intense
And now I know you play for what you pay

By the way that you make me feel alright
By the way that you put up such a fight
By the way that my trust and faith is safe with you

i've loved this song for eternity, but it doesn't seem very well-known or popular, considering it took me close to three years to locate the lyrics online. i heard it on the pirated cd for runaway train and was starting to suspect it's a "fake" song or something... anyway, this song brings me back to the days we'd plug our earphones in to drown out mrs. chuah's math lectures. not to mention hopping out the rubbish gate and tao2 zi1 yao1 yao1-ing on 55. that time, i thought runaway train was the most appropriate song ever... see how life's improved.

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