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of sleek an' sleaze and the seven sins

if you've ever tried the bedok north avenue 4 rou4 cuo1 mian4, you'd have experienced one of the greatest pleasures of life. the humble gingko nut in barley is another one of these. i have two huge empty bowls sitting placidly in front of me now -- one of them having had, less than ten minutes ago, contained the a'fore-mentioned rou cuo mian; and the other, naturally, the humble gingko stuff. if you'd ever tried eating two humongous portions of these at a time of night like this, you've been to the ends of earth. and a little further. *burp*

sheer ecstasy happens, when the tasty msg of the rou cuo mian soup mingles with the dull blandness of the unassuming gingko, upon the tip of your tongue. quit kissing: start eating. any, more explicit description's gonna veer towards sounding vaguely r(a). believe me, i tried. and 'tis not the time, being on topic of food.

but let me digress. you could read a chunk of sexual connotation into this innocent entry. after all, what can't, if even my bottomless pit is regarded as sexually insinuating? ;p

p.s: i shall also explain the perverse state of frost's mind in "the road not taken", if you ask me. it's darn funny. go read it yourself, keeping in mind to think crooked. can't help my family humour...!

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