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oh no. this is darn embarrassing. i just wished guanlin happy birthday only to be told it's 29th feb today. horrendous. and i'd already deleted my calls list and calls duration on my handphone. and i told her she's the first person i'm messaging this month. hell.

he makes me darn happy... i don't really know what more to say but for this. he makes me darn darn cheerful... oh my. i can't really help being smitten lah. not my fault.

even though i've a backlog of stuff to complete -- an essay on something i've totally no idea about due this wednesday, which by its date isn't a very pleasant day to remember already. and german hausaufgaben, not to mention having to call the teacher and pretend i'm trying to rent a room from her. crazy man! and my el tuts and lit poems and stuff.

okay i know i sound totally... unsound, maybe. but oh well, haha, i can't help it either. i've got hiccups now and i just danced to some really hilarious animation with my sis, and senny, shuqi and i ran the length of an entire bus stop today and it was so embarrassing... and my pc's good as new now cos it's got a new hard drive.

that's a totally messed up update all at one go. but hey, i'm happy. :) and i like that small eyed smile like this :) rather than =) 'cos we all have small eyes and i don't care if i don't have big long eyes like this =) like erqing and isaac and handsome indian hunks! wahahahahahaha *hysterical laugh echoes down the corridor once more* *interrupted by occassional hiccups*

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