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the subconscious world

had a series of bad dreams last night. not the usual nightmarish ghosty monstery type we used to get as young kids, but the i-fear-this-will-one-day-happen-to-me-in-reality kind.

think about it, funny how last time i used to get those ghost-in-the-house or werewolf-looking-for-me nightmares when i was in primary school or something, and the bad dreams of recent years have been refined(?) into something more like undercurrents of bad stuff beneath superficial calm (sounds like moonstone).

the most recent ghosty type of nightmare i can remember having (and that was like maybe during my a level days) was about a close family member who went with my family to a chalet. (all this is in the dream!) at the chalet, we found out that bad stuff were going on and we had to escape some demon or something, and we had to be careful drinking water 'cos there was some poison in the water. then i remembered that close family member (let's not name her) seemed to have just drunk from a cup of water, so i was instantly worried. and when i glanced up at her to tell her about it, she gave me a really creepy sideways grin, and her eyes glinted and there seemed to be some green light in them. ok... i know my lousy description makes it sound really cheesy and hilarious, but when it happened (in my dream), i was totally freaked out, and still am, when i remember it.

then in hongkong last year, i had a nightmare about my exams although by then, they were long over, but we were still waiting for the results to be released. i dreamt that it was my philo exam which was to be an essay paper... before i could think of anything to write at all, the time was up and i hadn't even written my name! when the invigilator came up to collect my paper, the fan blew it away and the invigilator (who turns out to be my philo tutor) sneered at me. i was so humiliated and angry that i walked out of the exam hall. that same day in a different dream, i dreamt my results for the first sem was 5Bs. i was disappointed on the one hand, but really thankful that my euro hist actually managed a B! haha... but oh well, they weren't like that eventually. :> turned out all the dreams i had in hongkong were about schoolwork, exams and anxiety... and that makes the bulk of my nightmares nowadays too. e.g. german, german and german.

the bad dream i had last night was about arranging to meet someone in school for lunch. when i got there, he wasn't there. somewhere at the back of my mind, i knew he wasn't serious about meeting anyway. then i bumped into darius wearing his (not darius' own) jersey, and i asked him, hey why're you wearing that? to which i didn't get an answer, so i sat down opposite him and had lunch. halfway a load of that guy's (the guy i was supposed to meet) friends came and sat nearby to have lunch, but that guy wasn't there. oh, and guess what? another squadmate -- jiaying, was present too. anyway i eventually decided to give that guy a call on his cell and some girl picked up. when he came to the phone and i asked, hey why're you ah? he said laughingly, "eh don't ask until like we very close leh"... then he said something to the extent that he didn't intend to go at all, just said he would so that i would wait and be disappointed and forget all about it. what lousy reasoning. i think i was very shocked at all that he was saying, but jiaying was right beside me and listening with great interest, so i had to make my replies as normal as possible. at that time, he started saying some important stuff but the reception got really bad and i said i'd call him at home at night. when we hung up, i didn't feel especially good, yet had to pretend that nothing out of the ordinary happened. so i had to hold a conversation with jiaying about the new burger king offers and the difference in taste between burger king and kfc burgers.

you see, in reality, such a scenario wouldn't be all that out-of-the-world. something like that sounds likely to occur, and i would likely respond in the exact same way. you can imagine how relieved i was that all was just a bad dream.

the end.

now shuqi and rina are gonna kill me for taking eternity to reach starbucks.

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