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in two minds and waiting for nothing

it's scary how easy it is to get addicted. if i dominated the drug market, it would be dependent on me too. if this doesn't make sense, that's 'cos the aftermath clouds my brain still. it's pretty empty otherwise anyway.

on to happier things...

i asked Him to cancel the test, postpone it, so i could really sit down and mug for it, so i could do better. of course things didn't go exactly the way i wished they would, but He gave me a more than satisfactory grade, much better than i had expected for the amount i couldn't do.

another demonstration of His power in my life to disprove my belief in human effort... simply reading/hearing about it wasn't enough, it's as if He went out of His way to make things that way so i could have so much more than just head knowledge. wow.

my favourite lyrics at the moment --

i love the way You hold me close and say my name

ps: look at my cute little penguin mood icons. the "weird" mood penguin is sooo adorable!

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