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on the eve of the exam

taking a breather from compiling comprehensive el2162 notes for tomorrow. all this took me from about three 'til ten pm. that makes aproximately seven hours (let's pretend i didn't take any breaks). this is like the first time i'm actually doing something (studying) since after my last german test. small wonder i'm sweating profusely (and eating excessively)... die lah, can't make it to the kao3 chang3 tomorrow.

and guess what? i haven't touched el2131 since the last test! and that was about three weeks ago. and the exam's on wednesday. and this is my pet module. and i still have yet to finish waiting for the barbarians which is so full of sick old man sex. which doesn't exactly excite me at all.

if anyone finds it funny i'm sweating profusely due to note-making and not 'cos of the vast amount i haven't completed, hey so am i! thanks all for the loads of encouragement... okay so here's mine to you... *encouragement* :) hang in there!

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