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poor little oliver twist

i went and got back my german semester test two and oral results yesterday. my oral grade, as to be expected, wasn't say fantastic or what; but oh well, my orals usually suck anyway... but then, i don't know how the rest of the class fared, so, hmmm. and my test paper... you know what i've realised about the germans? yuan lai their mcqs go like this -- they give you a number of options for each question and you circle all that apply. singaporean mcqs give you a number of options to choose from, but only one answer will apply. so i was pretty amazed when i saw that i wasn't deducted any marks from my first page... my classmates had insisted that only one answer applied for each question and i had circled a bunch! and it wasn't really their fault either 'cos the instructions said something like "circle the correct answers", which was really rather ambiguous eh.

but anyway, upon flipping through the paper, i came to the horrifying realisation that my german grammar sucks big-time under stress! can't believe the vast amount of grammar mistakes i made throughout the essay section man. and to think i like to think that my grammar is... good... but then, my *english grammar* is *supposed* to be good... and according to the 2162 interlanguage theory, that could explain my lousy third lang grammar... and hopefully my sucky chinese too. hee~ but back to the point, i also lost a grand total of seven marks on one small little section probably worth around ten marks only. because under immense pressure, i forgot to realise that Rotkäppchen is neutral... which i usually pride myself in noticing. upon that time of realisation, really felt like giving myself a real big kick. so horrible hor? if not for that, i would have gotten... a much better (in my opinion) grade!

but then again, i must really agree that it's all fair... this is what people (or at least i) produce under test-stress... the one who manages to think fast, spot things fast, and get them all correct under such circumstances is the one who deserves the marks. but then again, i also don't know how the rest of the class fared... so, haha... :) but i resolve to spend more time on language during the hols. :)

oh, and last night, i finally emailed frau niemann regarding next sem's classes offered. and she replied this morning that unfortunately, as she said, german 4 will not be offered next sem... and neither will i qualify for 3203 german for academic purposes 'cos next sem's 3203 will be taught at the german 3 level, and besides, it's only open to sep brats. sigh... and she said "if you wait for just one semester..." but i don't wanna wait! in this case, i'll hafta wait 'til 2005 (and that's almost a year!) and by that time, my german will be utter crap! and i don't really think i should really aspire to jump right into german 5 (even if i've the guts) either. it sounds like suicide and i'm not usually ambitious or fantabulously brilliant or anything. so... oh well, either way, i'll be moulded into His perfect plan. there's still reason for cheer.

i've two papers left. both are gems, though i'm taking lit as exposure, not gem. i totally don't feel like studying already, though can't say i really ever started studying anyway, but hey, that doesn't really matter right. just feel like typing and typing crap on my journal... anything but studying... which explains why this entry's gonna look so long and drab and boring. i've been thinking about the *further future*... but i guess it's too crappy and personal and embarrassing to share here, so oh well... if you people are thinking, hey what happened to little oliver... hmmm... i also don't know, i guess he's pretty much in limbo... i don't really know what i want either.... i mean, i guess i do, and i think maybe it's not his dad lah. teehee. embarrassing.

anyway i gotta run to the... loo... now. bunch of grapes i ate taking effect. i think i shall stake out at church toms. then i can leave home and come back with my sis. so fun hor. *ouch* okay i really gotta run. exams are sick and tiring, which once again explains more frequent, and longer updates.

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