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genesis 21:5

oh my gosh, i like this song so much. okay okay i know by the time i usually get to nice good english songs, they're like considered rather passe already... i don't really know about this one, but i think the guy's voice is pretty nice, and there's quite a bit of nice piano in there too. hmmmmmm sometimes i wish that i'd been at least a little more serious at piano back when i was younger, maybe that i hadn't opted out of mep after all... that i had more aptitude at it too (especially stuff like sight reading), 'cos simply having nice long fingers just don't "make it". i think i was pretty not too bad at theory, but it was really the practicals that i dreaded. even now, i wonder if all those certificates are even worth anything.

hm, what a reflective song. *grin* yuan lai five for fighting's a one-man band. hm, what did i actually wanna say? i was just talking about my *further future* in my previous entry, and even while listening to this song, i feel a little rushed for time... of course i'm no longer fifteen, and i do know that i'm essentially still *young*... but i still remember a time when i was lying on the mattress on the floor at home, chewing on the rubbery thing on my milk-bottle, thinking that six was a very big age to be -- i was about four then. hm i don't really know, i guess i essentially still have the next three years of my life pretty much mapped out already, at least i know for sure where i'll be and what i'll be doing for the next three years.

but hey, if you hadn't already realised, i'm not really talking about the academic future, or working life or what. i'm not at all anxious to join the rat race anyway. but our society's rat-race culture just makes me feel pretty pressed for time sometimes. what if i die tomorrow? but the assumption, of course, is that i won't. but what if i do? there's still so much i want to do, so much yet undone. there's something i really wanna accomplish. i know it won't be easy, i know it totally won't be a bed of roses, actually i don't know why i want it either... i mean, actually i do, but it's better to say i don't, in case i never manage to get 'round to it. yes, i'm being purposely vague here. you can guess, it might seem obvious, but you won't know exactly what it is anyway. though you might, if you actually know me well enough. oh Lord, if you put such a desire in me, surely this is what You mean for me, surely this will come to pass, surely this is a good thing for which i ask. surely this is what You put me on earth for, now that i really and truly know You, now that i've totally renounced all previous godless ideas of my own, surely the time is near for me to pass it on...

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