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03 January 2003 @ 01:18 am
of recent festivities...  
ok ok. updates right? update i shall then...

new year's eve was spent on orchard road (again, yeah, again) debating whether or not to bust our wallets in some overcharging club. the verdict was no... a little unpleasance(?) hung in the air for a short (really short) while due to, well, a little unpleasance, which, thankfully, was resolved (or rather put aside) quickly. (excuse the commas and brackets)

so we decided to bust our wallets, instead, in a meek (i should think) little cafe somewhere around, where the baked apple sweet crepes didn't taste as sweet as promised, and tahiti didn't have that "tahiti!" in it... sigh. oh, and did i neglect to mention earlier in the evening we had just had an unfulfilling $16 of steamboat at marina? remind me, in future, always to bring a guy for steamboat. or buffet, that is.

(now excuse that diversion, and the brackets, again. hehe) yeah and so it was, at that cafe terrasse (or however you spell it) that we (meaning rina and i, strictly only, shuqi not included) spotted the pretty damn cute waiter... and eyes follow... even after the other rather cute (in shuqi's opinion, strictly only again) waiter notices, realises... all the way until he (meaning cute, my view) lets off and leaves, with this girl in his arms...... double triple sigh. shall spare readers and journal alike the details.

ok now after all that drama plus countdown etc. etc. we plant ourselves smack in the middle of a mass of rowdy, either drunk or fake-drunk people, namely indians, indians, and more indians. for some strange reason, they're the happiest, jolliest of the lot; screaming, whistling, spraying, whatever; all the way down orchard road -- 'tis the same on christmas eve. we flee down to somerset mrt, for fear of exploding eardrums, and of molestation (dad's fear, hee~).

rina and i sum our night (and early morning) up walking home all the way (read: through deserted streets, under dark bridges, past scary playgrounds etc.) home from the eunos station. then we brush teeth, bathe, eat ham and durian rolls (effectively undoing our brushing), listen to the radio and read magazines until we at last decide to turn in, approx. 4am, new year's day.

as my download of the song ends, and it begins playing on winamp, i am sucked back into the time, on hold, on the airplane, on the way back from madrid... reclined, dry eyes, dry skin, static in the hair, wanting to fall back asleep, yet half-awake, the limited amount of chinese songs playing over and over again through the headset... "zhi yao li wo zai yuan yi dian, li wo zai yuan yi dian......"
Mood: awake
Music: li wo yuan yi dian -- pin guan
the doobfemdog on January 4th, 2003 08:50 pm (UTC)
my sis spent her new year's eve at next page and then at nydc. the former was good, good music, good people; while the latter's food was bad, surprisingly. well, even though i was bored out at home, i'm quite glad i didn't have to bust my wallet or fear the risk of molestation, though i doubt i would ever need to fear that. haha. dance clubs are not my thing, mainly cos of the people, the smoking, the dancing, and the lousy music. i hate techno. i had wanted to go esplanade for the one-minute-silence thingy, and see whether it was a dumb idea or not. then maybe head to a cafe or something. but i guess new year's day is long gone, and who cares now.
a little less than the girl next doorin_transit on January 5th, 2003 04:10 am (UTC)
hey know what... i might have gone esplanade... had i known about it earlier. i only read about it on the newpaper after i got home from that... mess. seemed more quiet and perhaps much more enjoyable ba. sigh. seem to have run out of places to go nowadays. luckily the museums are free on friday evenings heehee.