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since the hols began i've watched 50 first dates twice, the second time less than an hour ago, and win a date with tad hamilton once. topher grace is cute. but of course adam sandler's the most swoon-worthy. i love all his different outfits each day in the flick. it's all just berms and khakis, hawaiian shirts and (striped) tees... but his build, and his head... waahh... he's darn cute. pity he's married. and about as old as my precious nick (cheung). sigh sob sigh swoon sigh. seems i've degraded into catching only such romantic crap. how sad. oh and senny, thanks for today... yami yoghurt in the... near(?) future? :p by the way, the soundtracks for both shows are pretty nice. i've always loved adam sandler's songs... growing old with you... and now forgetful lucy. cute! and the swatch ad tunes in tad hamilton, which the genius has discovered one of which is by five for fighting. there is another song, isn't there?? oh, and that beach boy's wouldn't it be nice... ahhh, (which reminds me) adam sandler's simply the cutest!

about movies, i'm already booked for troy which opens on the 14th. for impromptu movies the next one week i wouldn't mind beautiful boxer or jersey girl (for liv tyler), in that order. or calendar girls for those naked old grandmas if it's open by then. and i do wanna catch shrek 2 when it's out! okay, so much fun and so little money. sad case.

i recently got book one of the wheel of time (ie. the eye of the world) from kino so as to facilitate my "revision" of the series. but being the impatient me, i decided to jump right back in to book ten despite having forgotten much of the itsy-bitsy details and stuff. currently at about chapter five outta thirty. argh... i can't wait, yet robert jordan hardly seems anywhere near coming out with book eleven yet! i absolutely love mat... he's the cutest ever (let's forget sandler for the moment... seriously, i've never fallen in love with a storybook character, ever. i'm gonna get a coupla books from borders the next time i visit, thanks to wonderful femdog. =) (and that's a big wide smile, enough to rival hemingway's!) and i currently have four books from the library, i don't know how i'm gonna finish them in three weeks with so many exciting activities lined up! and my sis and i also just re-installed the sims (plus house party) this afternoon. we haven't re-installed hot date yet due to the increased difficulty of making friends (and getting them into bed too) after that. look out for my handsome jamaican and family!

and another little update -- first day back at the goethe's for german last night was a... pretty okay thing, i guess. well, three plus hours was a little... (way too) long, and i didn't feel very up-to-standard and competent there, but overall, i guess things are going to be fine. although i did start wondering what i had gotten myself into halfway through the lesson. mmm hmmm...

ps: and i do so wanna (and needa) run off my fats, but i've been so dreading it, i don't feel like starting at all, and i keep having to hear my dad boast and boast about his own running experiences and all that "even now ah, all the young runners will lose out to me if i train ah..." haiii... the family joke of wearing the "seven-layered pants". tell next time. but anyway, i wanna swim (or at least dip and wade) too. and canoe too. unfortunately, not this week, it seems. :(

now just tell me, with all these stuff going on, plus about twelve hours per day in bed, where do i get the time to work and earn my... keep?

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